Aging & Loose Skin

Aging & Loose Skin

Change in texture, color, elasticity, along with decreased muscle and bone loss can be clear signs of an aging skin. Although genetics and diet play an important role in skin health, environmental factors, such as sun exposure and smoking, can produce deep wrinkles, sun spots, and a dull complexion. Such factors lead to an accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin.

As Dr DeJuliis says, “your skin is a window into your health and well-being”, so maintaining good healthy and hormonal balance is very important. During and after menopause, a women’s skin can go through very significant changes due to the lack of estrogens, progesterone and testosterone.

Dr DeJuliis offers

an in-depth skin and medical analysis of the individual patient iwho is interested in a better and healthier skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser can correct skin texture, eliminate capillaries and discolouration. Fractional Laser resurfacing can work on improving wrinkles. Skin elasticity can improve with Radio-Frequency (RF) energy, such as Venus Legacy and Venus Freeze. Deep scars and lines can dramatically improve using microneedling.

For the patient that requires a more conservative approach, we offer medical-grade microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

A personalized skin care regime to follow at home is highly recommended for the best results.

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