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During and after menopause we need to think about repairing and regeneration of our skin.

Right from the embryo stage, the skin is linked to the intestine: a healthy digestive system translates into a healthy skin.

Key steps on how to boost skin health through nutrition:

  • Limit simple sugars. It is important to decrease circulating blood sugars in order to decrease cell aging.
  • Calorie control. Decreasing calories helps stimulate the longevity of our collagen and produce longevity enzymes.
  • Boost your immune system through good intestinal bacteria.
  • Healthy skin loves good-quality fats. Increase your omega 3 and 6 intake, and avoid trans-fats.
  • Maintain a high level of good cholesterol (through increasing fat in your diet), in order to make the required amount of hormones necessary for a beautiful skin.
  • Avoid a vegetarian diet. Our skin needs large amounts of amino acids (collagen building blocks) from animal proteins.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Boost your skin’s ability to repair itself through healthy habits:

  • Get enough bright light. The skin follows a day-night cycle. Serotonin, produced during the day with enough bright light, helps the skin to stay healthy. Melatonin, a potent antioxidant and immune system booster, is produced at night. That is why nothing is better for a radiant skin than a good night’s sleep!
  • Increase physical activity. Staying active is the secret to a healthy bone structure, good muscle tone, and improved circulation. A super-efficient blood flow delivers oxygen to every cell and helps to repair and regenerate DNA.
  • Keep your hormones in balance. Estrogen maintains good collagen production and increases elasticity of the skin.

Love Your Skin.


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