Winter Beauty Routine Changes for the New Year

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Winter Beauty Routine Changes for the New Year

Welcome to 2018! Winter temperatures and humidity (or lack thereof) means a change in your winter beauty routine is required. Give your skin the ‘NEW YEAR, NEW YOU’ treatment with my advice for conquering the winter months.

1. Now is a great time to go through your make-up products and discard ones that have been left open, or have been in use for over three months. This will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and fungi in your creams, serums, and foundations. Also, NEVER share skincare or make-up products. Any lipstick or make-up product that may have been shared during a night out should be discarded.

2. Now that it is cold outside, it is a great time to modify your skincare and make up products to the effects that the dropping temperatures have on your skin. For example, a heavier moisturizer, such as my Restorative Marine Moisturizer, may be more effective in combating dry patches on your face during the winter months. In terms of make-up, a liquid foundation may be a better choice than powder if your skin is on the dry side, a powder will accentuate the dryness, while a liquid foundation can help hydrate and cover uneven skin tone.

3. Perhaps you are doing all the right things at home for your skin, but you are still not happy with your skin’s appearance. The New Year is a great time to begin to see a skin specialist to help recommend the right products or procedure that will have your skin looking its best.

4. Even during the winter, it should be on everyone’s New Year’s resolution list to start wearing a sunblock every single day. Sun exposure ages your skin, and is especially harmful in the winter when you don’t think the sun can do as much damage.

5. Other good habits to include in your daily routine for the new year:
a. Take Omega 3 every day to help boost skin radiance
b. Drink plenty of water
c. Quit smoking
d. Exercise daily – even a brisk 20 minute walk will help increase blood flow to the skin which will aid in the production of collagen.

Love your skin.

Dr. Aurora DeJuliis

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