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Are you confused when buying make-up? Do you wonder if the expensive foundation you just purchased is the right color for your skin type? Do you have the impression that make-up sometimes shows more wrinkles on you face? Dr DeJuliis shares her make-up tips for all ages.

 If you are 18 years old and have flawless skin, you can use any make-up on your face, regardless of color and consistency. However, if you are 40+ years old, you need to be careful with make-up in order not to look like a clown or even older than your age.

“Should I use a liquid foundation or a powder?”

This is the most frequent question I am asked any time I discuss make-up with my cosmetic patients. Powder can be used on a face with very few lines, no scars and good skin tone. Use a good quality brush, and apply the powder in minimal amounts from the top down. Refrain from moving the brush up and down and in multiple directions on your face. You want to apply the powder only once in an area and always with a downward movement. This will keep the amount of powder to a minimum. Too much powder will show all your baby hair and make your fine lines more visible.

Liquid make-up works best if your skin is not so perfect and especially if you have deeper wrinkles and scars. If you choose to use a liquid foundation, always limit the amount. Too much will not cover imperfections better, but will make your wrinkles more visible. Please and pretty please: listen to me. As you get older less is better! Just follow my simple rule.

Before you apply your foundation, make sure your face is perfectly clean, use a good moisturizer and apply the foundation when your face is still a little humid. I put a dot of moisturizer in the palm of my hand, than add several dots of foundation, after mixing the two together; I apply multiple dots on my face and massage the mixture until totally absorbed. You want to avoid deep lines especially around your lips and your crow’s feet. You can blot with tissue paper to remove the excess. Pay attention to the jaw line. You need to blend well into your neck. The worst outcome is to see a demarcation line between your face and your neck.


You need to know the undertone color of your skin. To determine yours, look at the color of the skin in the internal aspect of your forearm. Make sure this is done under natural day light. Outdoor is best, but a window will do the job too.

If your skin is pale and pinkish, pick a color that is pale and slightly pinkish. A neutral color will work also.

If your skin has yellowish undertone, even if it might still be very pale, chose a foundation with a very pale yellow tinge. Please stay away from the pink family of colors, they are not for you.

For a darker, ethnic skin, use dark beige color and the yellow family. No pink please.

For lipsticks follow the same rule. Pink is good for pinkish, pale skin. If you have darker skin or a yellow or olive undertone, DO NOT WEAR PINK. Red lipstick works well for every skin type. However, make sure you have perfect lips. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a bright red lipstick bleeding through lines around her lips! As we age our lips will become thin and lose volume. Sometimes even younger women can have thin lips.

Love your face.

Dr. Aurora DeJuliis MD

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