Microneedling with PRP is a proven and effective technique for skin rejuvenation.

This medical therapy uses very fine needles to create small puncture wounds in the skin. These micro channels allow the penetration of stem cells into the deeper layers of the skin.

Medical research has shown that microneedling stimulates growth factor, which in turns increases:
• Elastic fibers.
• Collagen deposit.
• Increased dermal thickness

It can improve:
• Aging skin
• Lines and wrinkles
• Smokers lines around lips
• Acne and surgical scars
• Large pores
• Uneven skin
• Dull complexion
• And much more

Microneedling is not to be confused with a dermal roller used by aestheticians; it is a medical procedure.

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Love your skin.

Dr Aurora DeJuliis 

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