Why Microneedling with PRP is Great for Skin Rejuvenation

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Microneedling with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a popular technique used in aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation. It is performed using very fine disposable needles injected at high speed into the surface of the skin with the help of an electric pen.

It is well tolerated by patients and does not require numbing the skin.

Skin biopsies have proven that opening fine channels into the skin using multiple needles stimulates growth factor, which in turns stimulates production of high-quality collagen.

Microneedling can improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimize large pores, soften lines around the mouth area, and improve uneven skin color.

Microneedling is also very effective in improving scars. In particular the treatment is popular for acne scars as the needles can be used to gently break apart the fibers responsible for the scar formation.

For skin texture improvement, I recommend three to four sessions, performed three weeks apart.

Acne scars require more sessions, on average around five or six.

I like performing microneedling using  (PRP). We take the patient’s blood sample and, using a special centrifuge, we are able to separate the red cells from the plasma. The plasma can be applied over the skin surface during the microneedling treatment or injected into the skin.

This entire simple process is safely performed in the privacy of our medical facility.

After microneedling, I recommend using my Vitamin C serum applied multiple times over the skin, followed by a good quality sun block.

The Aurora DeJuliis MD Complex C serum is very soothing for the skin. It is not acidic and has high amounts of hyaluronic acid for excellent skin hydration. This high-quality Vitamin C serum will also stimulate the skin to produce more collagen.

Love your skin.


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