Help, I have Rosacea!

You are not alone if you suffer the symptoms of Rosacea. According to the National Rosacea Society, Rosacea affects about 16 million Americans.

Progression and symptoms vary among individuals. The most frequent are: flushing and persistent redness. Other signs are: bumps, pimples, visible blood vessels, burning or stinging, dry appearance, raised red patches, and swelling.

Rosacea can be confused with acne, allergic reaction or sunburn.

It is more prevalent in fair-skinned people of England, Ireland, and North European origin.

Triggers that can aggravate Rosacea are extreme change in temperature, eg. moving from a warm room into a very cold outdoor can worsen the symptoms. Taking hot showers is not advisable.

Other triggers can be: spicy food, wine, flushing due to menopausal symptoms. The dilatation of the blood vessels created by these offenders can aggravate facial redness.

The best way to manage Rosacea without medical treatment is to stay away from the above-mentioned triggers.

Simple rules to avoid facial flushing are:

  • Use good quality sun block on a regular basis.
  • Avoid products containing: sodium lauryl sulfate, menthols, camphor, as well as astringent and toners.

Treatments can include prescription medications, but in my experience they do not always work.

The use of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser works very well for the dilated blood vessels and redness with the added bonus of stimulating collagen and rejuvenating the skin.

Love your face.

Dr. Aurora DeJuliis

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