Sun Damage

Sun Damage

The vast majority of undesirable skin changes that occur as part of the aging process are directly linked to the amount of sun exposure and sun damage received over time. Skin is quite resilient in protecting itself from environmental damage, but over time repeated exposure to UVB light causes changes in DNA genetic sequences, which results in sunburn and increased melanin production.

Sun damage is responsible for breaking down elastin and collagen fibers causing sagging, wrinkles, and dry parched skin. Avoiding sun exposure and using sun block on a daily basis is the best way to protect the skin from premature aging.

IPL laser, peels, skin resurfacing, and Vivace with its microneedling plus RF properties are all excellent, non-invasive options to reverse any signs of aging and repair the damage UVB rays may have caused to your skin. Although our medical spa has the technology to reverse several signs of aging, it is always recommended to our patients to not underestimate the importance of using home care products designed to gently correct and nourish the skin.

With all of our sun damage reversing therapies, Dr DeJuliis will recommend a combination of sun blocks and skin care products that will help to protect your newly youthful skin from any reoccurring sun damage.

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