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Just Phenomenal!

Dr. Dejuliis is a compassionate, light hearted, professional. She has the state of the art, FDA approved equipment. She is a doctor who has all the credentials plus all the heart, common sense, real person. She is there to make you look like the person you imagine to be every time you look in the mirror, not a plastic doll. She will recommend what is best for you not what your wallet can afford. Whether it’s what time does to your face, some fat or cellulite on your belly, arms, legs, she can help! She really is phenomenal. – AnitaK

Never looked better!

Had microdermabrasion in conjunction with the microneedling and PRP with you and my face has never looked better! I never write reviews but wanted to give a big thumbs up to this! I have some scarring on my forehead and nose and I see some differences. Will come again to see the differences through the sessions you suggested. Your products have also been amazing to my face. Glad I came across this place! Very pleased. – RoxanaM

Amazing Experience!

I have been struggling with acne and scarring for such a long time & Dr. DeJuliis’ treatment has worked wonders!! I feel very comfortable with her and I know I am in good hands!! I use some of her products from her skincare line and they make my face feel clean and refreshed. Her skin treatment plan is tailored for you, and it is simple to follow and very effective! – G

Great Experience

Dr. De Julius was wonderful, knowledgeable, and the treatment very effective. Her staff was also very accommodating with scheduling. We were all amazed by the results. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. – VL


CoolSculpting (abdomen), Kybella & micro-needle work (facial) has remarkably improved my physical appearance and emotional well-being. My wife has also received some of the aforesaid procedures and looks marvelous! Friends have made positive comments about our appearances and would like to undertake some of these procedures too. I highly recommend this physician and staff to others. – RG


I had my stomach area done and it was a breeze. I read a great deal about the procedure, and was very reluctant. I worried for nothing. I love the doctor’s understanding of my fears, and she made me most comfortable. The office staff is lovely and the medi-spa is beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr DeJuliis for this procedure. – Denise B.

The Staff Is Wonderful!

The staff at the Aurora DeJuliis, European Medi-Spa always makes me feel as if I am their first priority. The welcoming personal treatment I receive each time I visit, is truly unmatched. – A

Facial Perfection

Let me preface this by saying I never wrote a testimonial about a medical professional before so this means that I was over the moon with my results with Dr. Aurora DeJuliis!!!! During my 25 years in the fashion industry in NYC appearance was everything, and I had minor work done, lots of skin care with Doctors that are literally household names. As I got older I decided I did not want that “wind tunnel” look a lift would give me and staying in shape my entire life I didn’t need that as much as I needed my face to have the fullness it lost. I had fat transfers, sculptra and radiesse throughout my 50’s and the results were good. I heard of Dr. Aurora DeJuliis and decided during a special she was having to give her a try for my fill up! Little did I know what a technician, artist and “magician” she would turn out to be. She actually had me come back 3 times to let my face settle from the injections a week at a time. I cannot tell you NO OTHER doctor ever made me look that vibrant and “sexy” in the past! I had a photographer ask if I would do a shoot with him at 63!!!!! I cannot speak highly enough of her, plus the bonus!!! I am a Personal Development Coach with a certification in Health Coaching. She is qualified in that field as well and was so knowledgeable regarding proper eating and nutrients to restore the body. She did cost more than the doctor of my past 3 years but I know why…what is your face worth to you?? She did a far superior job. Her office is state of the art and staff is fantastic. I will be going there for ALL of my skin care needs from now on!!! – Carol N.

Never Disappointed

I want to thank Dr. Aurora DeJuliis and her staff for erasing the lines on my chin and forehead. I have been going to Dr. Aurora DeJuliis for years and have never been disappointed during my visits. My husband even noticed the difference! – Livia W.

Thank You

Hi Dr. D., I just wanted to thank you for my last appointment. The work came out very nice, and I had hardly any bruising at all! I ended up having a meeting in the city on Friday that week and it was no problem! This was the best result yet, with very little to worry about afterward. – Ann R.

My Confidence is back!

I was hesitant to try facial rejuvenation because I was not sure it would work for me. I was not very familiar with the current cosmetic procedures and was worried the cost would not produce the results that I wanted. I am so happy I decided to make a call to Dr. Aurora DeJuliis’ office. Dr. Aurora DeJuliis took her time during our consultation and made me feel completely comfortable. She recommended a series of laser treatments to help erase years of sun damage. I also began using her skin care products. My face has never looked better!!! I get compliments from my friends, co-workers, and especially my husband! My skin has a more youthful appearance and it has given me my confidence back! – Paula F.

Happy with my results!

She gave me a thorough assessment, discussed very affordable options and suggested a strategy that we could implement immediately – as of the initial visit! The improvement was visible by the very next morning. Dr. Aurora DeJuliis’ inside-out approach includes vitamin supplements in tandem with a skin care regimen, and in-office visits at 3-week intervals in my case. My face looks relaxed and rested. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The office space is bright and attractive, and the doctor and her staff are charming. – Wendy F.

Great Experience

Dr. Aurora DeJuliis, I wanted to personally let you know that I am so excited by the way I look after I came to your office last Tuesday. My lips look great and the lines on my face are much less noticeable. I am very happy with the service and attention I received at your spa; it has been a great experience! – Linda M.

Amazing Results with FemTouch

I have had amazing results with the FemTouch vaginal laser rejuvenation in just one visit. The procedure was painless and fast! As a 53-year-old woman going through menopause, sex had become very uncomfortable and not enjoyable. After one FemTouch procedure I have definitely seen a difference and am looking forward to having sex! – PT

Highly Recommend FemTouch & Dr D

Recently I visited Dr DeJuliis European Medical Spa and asked about the FemTouch rejuvenation treatment. After four children and menopause, I was both interested in getting relief from my symptoms like some of my personal acquaintances had, and nervous about laser treatment. I had spoken with women who described great results with no post-procedure complaints from similar devices. Naturally, I was happy to find this service with a Doctor I already know and trust.

As usual, Dr De Juliis and her staff were reassuring and professional, making me feel at ease. It only took a few minutes, was very discreet, and not painful at all. For a few hours, there was a mild sensation of warmth which was relieved by applying a moisturizer, much less than the pain and dryness I have been dealing with for a few years. I highly recommend FemTouch laser rejuvenation with Dr DeJuliis for women experiencing discomfort, atrophy and other vaginal menopausal symptoms. – TT

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