The Menopause Nonsense


With my busy lifestyle, I felt so confident about my approaching “changes.” I convinced myself I had no time for hot flashes, mood swings and all of that nonsense. Until one day, Menopause hit me like a brick right in my face.

I felt betrayed by my own body. The lack of stamina, coupled by the inability to sleep at night, and the difficulty to concentrate; gave my brain the sensation I was in a permanent state of fog, unable to see my path in front of feet. At 53 years of age and with big dreams for my future, I knew I had to act fast. After all, I am the type that wants to age gracefully and not watch her own body dry up like a prune.

Armed with a vast knowledge in natural hormonal replacement, and having helped so many women for over 15 years in regaining their quality of life, I knew I was ready for a change.

I am presently using an estrogen cream in the morning and a progesterone one at night. I can definitely say I have my life and my body back. I feel great, my mind is very sharp and my body, well all I can tell is that husband loves my “New Menopause.”

In my medical practice, I encounter so many women who are either post-Menopausal or are still menstruating, but are experiencing menopausal symptoms. Unfortunately, I find that many women do not discuss how they really feel. Quickly they discard any doubts from their minds and try to convince themselves they are doing great.

Some women are given a trendy diagnosis from their medical doctors, such as: depression, fibromyalgia, and so on. Therefore, they settle for unnecessary medications, attributing their mental and physical anguish to “aging”.

As we get older, our body will slow down the secretion of hormones. This can be reflected in our physical appearance. It is not uncommon after Menopause, to notice an increase in the abdominal girth. This happens because a body starved from lack of estrogens, will use a special enzyme, called aromatase to transform fat into estrone. This is a bad type of estrogen, but it is the only one the body can make after Menopause. I am aware that men like women pleasantly plump, but too much of a good thing is not healthy.

Natural hormones are plant derived. They are prepared by compounding pharmacies under a physician’s direction. A prescription is necessary, and they are regarded as regular medications. Because their compositions are similar to the woman’s chemistry, natural hormones are usually very safe.

In my practice, my patients undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation. A specific blood test is obtained to check the level of every single hormone, and only after all the results are available, I will formulate the dose and type of hormones to match the individual’s needs.

Live your life in balance. A beautiful mind is always found in a healthy body.

Love your body.

Dr Aurora DeJuliis MD

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