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Do you wonder what Vitamin C does to your skin? Is using Vitamin C directly onto your skin sound medical advice or is it another hoax the cosmetic industry is using to sell more skin products?

First off we humans are not able to make our own Vitamin C. That is a bad thing considering that this wonder vitamin is essential to many body functions including creating and supporting a healthy collagen.

Medical research has shown that Vitamin C has a critical role in maintaining a healthy collagen. It does so preventing the breakdown of key enzymes in collagen biosynthesis.

Studies have demonstrated that Vitamin C increases type 1 collagen (the best quality of collagen) in human fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the cells in charge of making collagen. Also Vitamin C intake maintains an optimal strength and density of dermal collagen.

If you are in the market for beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin, you need to make sure your body is getting the proper quantity and the best quality of Vitamin C.

You’ve heard how important fruits and vegetables are in your diet. The sad part is that by the time that precious piece of fruit hits your stomach, it had left the tree approximately six months ago. How much Vitamin C it still has left, I will leave it to your imagination!

Aurora DeJuliis MD in Montclair NJ recommends:

  • Take Ascorbyl Palmitate, 1,000 mg daily in two separate doses. Example: one with breakfast and one with dinner. This is the best Vitamin C on the market; we stock one from Pure Encapsulations.
  • For your skin, make sure you use a serum that contains Vitamin C phosphate because it offers a better stability and absorption of Vitamin C into the skin. Dr. DeJuliis’ Complex C serum is the perfect serum for a healthy and glowing skin.

Love your skin!

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