What Even Is Cellulite And What Can You Do About It?


What Even Is Cellulite? 

Cellulite is categorized as a common, harmless skin condition. In fact, 90% of women and even up to 10% of men have cellulite around the world today! It’s caused by an increase in cellular fat. These grown cells push the connective tissue surrounding them down which causes the skin the tissue is connected to to also pull down. This gives cellulite its dimpled appearance.

What Can You Do About Cellulite? 

As cellulite is not a harmful condition, you don’t need to do a thing about it if you don’t want. Remember, it’s totally natural and incredibly common.

Diet and Exercise

Because cellulite is caused by an increase in the size of fat cells, diet and exercise can help with the appearance of cellulite. However, it’s important to know that cellulite is not a “fat” condition. Though it’s caused by fat on a cellular level, even people considered ‘thin’ can have it.

This can be considered a long-term solution; however, with diet and exercise alone, it may not be possible to fully remove the appearance of cellulite.

Creams and Lotions

There are a myriad of creams and lotions on the market purporting to help with cellulite. Though most improvement claims are anecdotal, there is some evidence to suggest that creams and lotions with retinol can help with the appearance of cellulite because of its skin-tightening properties.

Though this solution may help with the appearance of cellulite, it won’t get rid of the cause since they don’t affect the connective tissue. They could be a good solution if you’re willing to foot the bill and keep up with the daily regimen.

FDA-Approved Injection

Dr. DeJuliis at The Aurora DeJuliis, MD European Medical Spa is one of few doctors certified for an FDA-approved injection that functions as a bio-stimulator of collagen production. Collagen is instrumental in skin elasticity and gives youthful skin its taut appearance. But Dr. DeJuliis isn’t done there. She also eliminates the cause of cellulite through a painless and gentle needle that cuts the fibrous bands that cause the cellulite dimples.

This is a fantastic solution for those looking for something longer-lasting, non-invasive, and immediate.

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