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Let’s face it, your skin might not be happy these days. You have been spending a lot of time indoors, perhaps working from your home on your computer, Zooming work colleagues. When you venture out, you are wearing a mask to protect yourself and others against the virus.

You may not have followed your skin routine the same way you did in the past. You might feel a little depressed during these unsettling times; perhaps you are not as diligent as you used to be in regards to your diet and exercise.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: you are suffering from quarantine skin unbalance.

Luckily skin is very resilient. With the appropriate routine and a little TLC, you can achieve a healthy and radiant-looking skin.

Regardless of your skin type and level of hydration, this is my prescription for a healthy skin:


  • Gently wash your face with Limu Facial Cleanser. It is non-foaming, delicate, and has a refreshing mild scent. Finish with a cold rinse. This will firm your complexion and ease any possible skin irritation.
  • Apply few drops of Complex C Serum and massage gently with your fingertips until fully absorbed. It can be repeated if the skin feels dry.
  • The eye area needs special care, especially if you are in front of a computer a lot. Eyes can look puffy while Zooming! Using a pea-size amount of the Eye Firming Crème with vitamin K and firming peptides will do the trick.
  • Sage & Citrus Moisturizer is a light, paraben-free cream that is perfect for summer.

PM: Never go to bed without cleansing your face! At night your skin needs to repair from pollution and irritants.

  • Wash your face using lukewarm water and Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser. For best results use a washcloth to slug off dead cells from the skin surface as well as stimulate blood circulation.
  • Apply a few drops of Complex C Serum and massage into your skin.
  • Ultra Soy Peptide Crème applied all over your face will repair and revitalize your skin while a restful sleep will add “icing on the cake”.

Your face deserves a treat. Twice a week indulge your skin with a healing mask – try my Soft Papaya & Pumpkin Masque to smooth and hydrate your skin or the Aloe & Azulene Masque to calm irritated skin.

Love your skin!


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