Smoker’s Lines

Smoker’s Lines

Smoker’s lines are vertical lip lines that are caused by the natural lip movements over time. Smokers have deeper and more numerous lines around the lips due to the harmful effect tobacco has on the skin as well as the mechanical movement of pressing on the lips while smoking. Waxing and threading can also contribute to the formation of lines, although to a lesser degree than smoking. Smoking cessation will help in preventing further damage.

Lip lines need various modalities for correction because they tend to be deep and are constantly stimulated by the movements of the lips. Some women experience strong and tight muscles in this area. Making those muscles softer with Botox can result in a great improvement and can prevent formation of more lines.

Laser resurfacing is very helpful in this area as well as superficial fillers. An experienced physician can add a small amount of filler to the lips making lines less visible and eliminate unsightly lipstick bleeding.

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