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How can your diet affect your skin and acne breakouts?

It seems the old saying: “You are what you eat” might be true after all. Take my patients for example; they are often able to pinpoint the offender. Maybe chocolate, junk food they ate at the college cafeteria, or the key lime pie they were subjected to accept at Aunt Martha’s birthday party.

Evidence is emerging in the scientific community that there might be a clear connection between breakouts and certain types of food. Although the vast majority of Dermatologists do not believe so, there has been a study published by the American Academy of Dermatology which reveals that acne is 81% genetic and 19% environmental.

In the diet there are two main offenders:

• Glycemic index
• Skim milk

High glycemic foods are: sugar, refined grains, starches, white rice and corn. These foods have high quantities of sugars that are immediately absorbed. They trigger the pancreas to produce a lot of insulin, which is pro-inflammatory and raises the sebum production in the skin.

Whole milk is healthier than skim milk – “Yes you read that right”.

Whole milk contains beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. Also whole milk has wholesome and natural Vitamin A and D.

Milk fat lowers insulin growth factors that could be active in sebum production.

In my practice I advise my patients suffering from acne to eat a diet of fruits and vegetables. They are directed to take good quality fatty acids, zinc and Ascorbyl palmitate (a more easily digestible form of Vitamin C). I also suggest everyone to eat a good quality whole milk yogurt daily. See more nutrition tips here.

A healthy diet coupled with specific natural skin care regime can make a big difference in your complexion and body.

Love your skin.

Dr Aurora DeJuliis

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