How to Take Care of Your Skin During the Summer

Staying safe all summer long

From outdoor cookouts to relaxing beachside trips, summer is finally here. However, if you aren’t careful, having too much exposure to the sun can pose lifelong consequences for your skin.

With 1 out of 3 Americans reporting getting a moderate to severe sunburn during the summer and skin cancer being the most common form of cancer in the United States, it is imperative to remain aware of proper skincare habits to help protect your skin during the summer.

Reapply Sunscreen

Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen, but did you know that experts recommend reapplying sunscreen every two hours? This number can be even lower if you’re in the water or engaging in any activities that lead to increased sweating.

Most sunscreens work by creating a chemical shield against the sun’s UV rays, preventing them from reaching down into your skin and causing sun damage. However, this protective shield does not last all day.

For as long as you are under the sun, diligently reapplying sunscreen as recommended is a simple yet excellent way to ensure your skin is adequately protected.

Stay Hydrated

It is incredibly important to stay hydrated, especially during the hottest time of the year. Not only is it beneficial for your skin when you consume the recommended amount of water each day (11.5 cups for women and 15.5 cups for men), but it also helps to support the functioning of your other organs.

One way to easily tell if you’re not getting enough water is to look at your skin. When you are dehydrated, there is less water being circulated and transferred to your skin, resulting in issues that result from poor hydration, such as dry or flaky skin.

Moreover, dry skin is more prone to sun damage. Sun exposure can worsen the effects of dry skin, resulting in a flakier, cracked look that accentuates the appearance of lines and fatigue.

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